Icon Project of Kenya

The word ‘ICON’ stands for Inspire and Connect; and the goal is to identify someone out there, and NOT just inspire them, but ‘connect’ them to someone/institution, such that they realize their dreams. And this is to be achieved from three different categories.
1. Children (orphans, children from single parent families)
2. Women i.e. widows, single mothers
3. Children Centres.
4. Schools targeting the needy in a particular area.
5. People living with disabilities

The old adage of give a man a fish and you feed him for one day, teach him how to fish and he will be fed every day best describes our project. We do not give handouts, we help these categories, one person at a time, focusing on the grass roots, to acquire the skills and tools to lift themselves out of poverty. 

The foundation of this entire project is based on my background, growing up in a home witnessing domestic violence, living with disability- spina bifida, being raised up by a single parent and experiencing rejection at different levels. Today at the age of 36 I stand above these challenges, having made peace with myself and accepting myself the way I am; I now seek to reach out and help others.

Simon Gisore Omboga- Founder, ICON Project.