About Us

The goal is to identify places/people that have need and become a bridge, a connector between them and those who are willing to help, with the core focus being women and children. The inspiration for this project comes from my background whereby I am a person living with disability, Spina Bifida, raised up by a single mother, faced rejection from the society on two fronts:

1. As a person living with disability

2. As a person brought up in a single parent home.

After many years of struggle, I finally overcame all these and was able to stand on my feet and became comfortable with who I am. And now I want to help others out there.

You can become part of this project through your donations via paypal through the website. By doing this, you are not just helping them, but you will also be planting seeds for a much healthier and stronger future generation. You can also contact me on the following,


+254 724 284 495

Thank you so much.

Simon Gisore,