Our Stories

Here are some of our stories. As mentioned in the introductory page, there are five categories of people ICON project seeks to reach out to, children, women, children centres, schools targetting the needy; and here below are some of their stories, with a little bit of help with family and education, are given the tools to lift themselves out of poverty and gain the ability to be a productive, active citizen in the country they love; Kenya.

Mary from Kisii

The young girl is called Mary, aged 17, living in Kisii area, western Kenya. This year, 2018, she sat for her final high school exam and is a daughter to a single mom doing casual work. Courtesy of a very kind friend, she has been able to attend school uninterrupted, such that the friend made provisions for her school fees, while her mother worked hard at providing her necessities. A form of partnership between the three whereby each has a role to play, such that not one person bears the whole burden. I also took time to give motivational talks to her, just to keep her spirits high even in the midst of the tough circumstances.

Magdalene from Bisil

The girl’s name is Magdalene, aged 13, she has just sat for her Class 8 exams that will qualify her to join a high school as from next year. Her mother passed away and her life became quite challenging after that. She is based in Bisil, which is towards the south of Kenya, towards the Kenya/Tanzania border and is a daughter to a single father, having lost her mother about one year ago. Courtesy of a very kind friend from Sweden, Gunilla Larsson, she was able to complete her primary school education and is looking forward to beginning her high school education as from 2019.



Kelvin from Kangundo

The young man’s name is Kelvin, aged 15 and is in his second year of high school; he schools in Kangundo area, which is towards the eastern side of Kenya. He comes from a single parent  (mom) family, and courtesy of a very kind friend he has been able to attend school without any issues. His mother takes care of his basic needs while the kind sponsor takes care of his school fees. This once again is an excellent example of the partnership between the parent and the donor; with each playing their respective part.


Hildah from Mbale

The girl is called Hildah, from Mbale town, Western Kenya, aged 12. Her mother passed away in 2017, and life became quite challenging for her and her siblings. But courtesy of a very kind friend, she was able to join a boarding school in Kajiado area, which is towards the south of Nairobi. She is in Class 6 of her primary school education.




Kirstine from Nairobi

The girl is called Kirstine, aged 11, and lives in Baba Dogo area, in Nairobi.  Her mother is a widow who struggles to make ends meet for her and her siblings. And courtesy of a very kind friend, she is able to go to school with her fees being taken care of.




Special needs

Below is a wonderful bright girl of about 13 years, who has Spina Bifida, just like me. And I was so excited to meet the family and just share with them. The mother heard my story, and my life with Spina Bifida, and she was so encouraged and motivated. During my visit, I was also able to deliver essential items which would help her in coping with her condition. 




Eunice from Nairobi

Her name is Eunice, a single mother of three; She runs a small business (in the picture) whereby she sells clothes, and also on certain days she goes to different homes to do house cleaning/wash clothes. Courtesy of a very kind friend, she was able to expand her business, which would give her the opportunity to increase her sales, which would mean more income for her.  




Huruma Children’s Home, Ngong’.

This is a children’s home located in Ngong’ town and apart from taking in children who have been abandoned, they also give them an education through a school that they started at the same place. The school also offers education to other children from the local community, such that these children (from the home) are able to interact with other children hence they don’t feel ‘isolated’. During my visit I was able to deliver clothes and books on behalf of very kind friends. I also took time to give them a motivational talk, just to encourage them in life.


Master Builders School Ngong’

This is a school located in Ngong’ town, located in an informal area; and the goal is to reach out to those who are underprivileged such that they are able to give them an education. During my visit, I was able to donate food items which would help them in feeding the children.